The dirt bike show 2017

Being fairly new to motorcycling starting at the ripe old age of 26, I was never fortunate enough to experience where most people start biking, and that’s age-old of the tradition of riding small bikes around a field as a young un’. Due to this, i’ve never really had an interest or any experience of off-road riding, apart from taking the GSXR down a green lane once by accident, but this was not enjoyable in the slightest. Normally I stay away from mud, so when somebody asked me if I wanted to go to the dirtbike show I thought why not, it’s a new one on me.
Fueled up on coffee for an early start to get to the venue nice and early greeted by a wall of death sitting right next to the entrance. Walking around inside all of the big manufacturers were there with the latest bikes and technology (all new to me) but still interesting. Everything from kids bikes such as the PW50 ideal for your first field crossing experience, up to proven Rally raid style machines for when you have more experience crossing fields. Other stands included clothing, and other apparel, bits for your Mx bike including tyres, levers etc and importantly too cleaning it afterwards.
Live demo’s included rounds of the Super minibike motocross championship, which was very enjoyable to watch, a demo of Bahnstormer which sees races taken on a small oval track with plenty of backend sliding action and close competitive racing and lastly Motoball which was something I had never seen or even heard of before, but consists basically of football with added motorcycles. Teams compete against one another with an oversized ball. A great day out, and it’s got my appetite tingling to have a go on some mud in 2018!

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