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New 2021 BMW S1000R revealed!

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Yet again, we knew it was coming, with BMW’s drip-feed of teasers but word has finally been let loose of the new S1000R. One of the most popular roadsters from the previous years, the new S1000R is derived directly from it’s bigger brother S1000RR. It shares the same technology innovations, with its 165hp engine and 199kg weight.

Brand new S1000R – BMW

The powerplant comes from the S1000RR, and makes 165hp, with a maximum torque of 114Nm at 9250rpm. Gear ratios in 4th, 5th and 6th gears have been lengthened to encourage better fuel economy. The S1000R has the anti-hopping clutch which was fitted to the M1000RR, and engine drag torque control (MSR). This prevents wheel slip electronically, in the same was a slipper clutch when downshifting abruptly.

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The new bike gets an updated chassis, based off the S1000RR, which benefits from an underslung swingarm. The swingarm uses the same shock setup as the S1000RR, which locates it further away from the engine. The enables a more stable oil temperature in the shock increasing performance. It has have been made lighter than the outgoing model, but also provides a stiffer chassis. The narrower frame provides further rider comfort, giving more space. The handlebars can be adjusted in 10mm increments, forward to backwards, and upwards.

S1000R Msport
S1000R Msport – BMW

Updated electronics package

The electronics package is updated giving three adjustable rider modes, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), and optional PRO rider modes. The optional modes include Dynamic PRO, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC), and engine drag torque control (MSR which covers engine brake and power wheelie). The rider modes are Rain, Road and Dynamic.

BMW’s brand new maintenance free M-Endurance chain

Not stopping there, the instrument cluster has been upgraded to a 6.5inch TFT screen, taken from the S1000RR. The screen is controlled from the handlebars using BMW’s multi-controller. Upgrading to the M package gives a third core screen on the display giving a simplified view and a lap timer.

2021 S1000R Akrapovic exhaust
2021 S1000R Akrapovic exhaust – BMW

The lighting has been upgraded to LED headlight for both high and low beams. Turn indicators and the rear light cluster are also LED. The rear cluster has been developed from the S1000RR, and feature the integrated system, and the front indicators are ‘hidden’ in the fork area.

How does the D-air system work?

Whilst this is no 200hp supernaked like its rivals, the S1000R has held its own in recent years, battling hard with the MT10 for a road, roadster that can actually be used and enjoyed on the road.

2021 S1000R
2021 S1000R – BMW

Overall though, it’s slightly disappointing, there is no real wow factor. No 200hp, no mention of shiftcam technology like on the S1000RR and the R1250GS. Carbon wheels of the S1000RR M-sport are an option, however, the cost of that would make it rare to actually see despite the benefits.