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NSR250 MC21SE Winners Edition Stolen from a dealership!

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If you are a biker you will definitely know the name NSR. One of the fastest and most desirable Two-strokes back in its day, and still true now. Introduced in 1985 te NSR250 was THE leading design. Fast forward to 1990, and the MC21 was released and it turned the racing world on its head.

With parts copied from the factory HRC NSR piloted by Luca Cadalora the MC21 was THE bike to have, again. So much so in 1991 the first SE (Super Edition) was launched. only 1500 were made, many were written off, or crashed which means nowadays not many at all are left.

BG Motorcycles of Stoke on Trent had one in the shop until thieves ram raided the door, walked past other bikes, straight to the MC21 before wrestling it out of the shop and down the road.

Details of the bike stolen are a reg of K186 VKN with a VIN number of MC21-107-5006. Any information can be passed on hopefully the owner can get the bike back.

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