Vulcanet® Motorcycle cleaning wipes

One of the worst things about motorcycling is getting dirty. I find it a chore to clean the bike after an enjoyable ride, quite often putting it off until the next day but never actually following through and letting the bike sit there dirty. Shock, I know. With this in mind, I am always looking for an easier way to wash the bike with better results, and less time and effort spent, as this allows for more time out riding, and thus, means more time cleaning. It’s an infinite loop. Previously I have always used a hose and sponges, but this is rather annoying as I don’t have an outside tap. It means running the hose through the house, and often gets me told off.
I had an email asking if I wanted to try a new product on the market designed for cleaning bikes easier. How could I refuse? I was sent a tub of Vulcanet wipes to try. They are a cloth roll impregnated with a cleaning solution. It really is as simple as wipe on, give it a few seconds to work away at the whatever is on the surface, be it flies, road dirt, oil or grease and then wipe off and buff. Suitable for all materials and finishes on the bike, it works a treat. Heavy deposits are easily wiped away with the wet wipes and polished up to a shiny lustre before being buffed off with the supplied cloth. Brake dust on the front wheel isn’t an issue, and chain lube on the rear wheel is also wiped away easily. It really is as simple as that. Vulcanet recommends 4 wipes to do a complete bike, this I have found does depend on how dirty the bike is. If it’s just a quick touch up then one can do it easy, however, if the bike is really filthy then 4 is a sufficient.

Also, perfect when out for a photoshoot, the bikes often get dirty travelling to the locations, the Vulcanet wipe kit comes with a travel pouch, which holds a few wipes. Perfect for when on location to give a good wipe over before getting the camera out, wiping away road dirt and grime, giving better quality photos than with a dirty bike.
At first, I was apprehensive about them. I wasn’t sure how long the tub was going to last, especially sharing the tub with Ben who loves to keep the SV looking mint. Luckily the 80 wipe tub lasts plenty long and if you do the maths, 80 wipes, at 4 wipes per wash, that’s 20 washes, possibly more if you are really tight and use 3 wipes not 4. With the tubs, RRP of £33, £1.65 a wash… how can you complain at this?
The best part is that the solution on the wipes acts like a conventional wax. This helps to avoid those stubborn stuck on flies and other pesky defects that seem to take an age to get off.

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