Tru-Tension BananaSplit Chain Lube

I am good at looking after my chain and sprockets. I always try to keep the chain tensioned adequately, and I regularly clean and apply lubricant, sometimes overly keen.

I was asked by Tru-tension to review their BananaSplit chain lube.

I am running Genuine Suzuki Sprockets, with a DID X-Ring chain. I usually clean and lube the chain whenever I wash the bike, if not every other week. Occasionally longer in which case, I’ll moisten up the chain with fresh lubricant.

BananaSplit comes in the form of dry chain lube or wax, in an aerosol can. I have been using the lube as opposed to the wax as I was always under the impression a wet lube is better when used in all weather conditions, as it gives more resistance to being washed off.

Banana split chain lube and wax – Photo from Tru Tension.

One thing that always pains me is dirty wheels. Some chain lubes and other chain oiling techniques can still be tricky to apply and can be quite messy. Excess lube is often found on the rear rim. The amount of times I have seen splatter EVERYWHERE from inaccurate spraying is worrying.

Bananasplit has high anti-fling properties; I have been running it the past few weeks with no issues over the back wheel. The sticky nature though does mean that some done particles are picked up and stick.

The narrow spray atomizer on the can prevent oversprays which keeps things neat and tidy, and it also allows the can be used upside down, which helps to make sure all angles are covered.

Scented like banana, it does fill the garage with a nice aroma, which is a welcome change from the petrol and coffee which is the norm.

Over the past few weeks, the weather has been very grim, lots of rain and cold temperatures and to add insult to injury the roads have been salted a lot.

Low fling

On the whole, I’m not completely convinced. It’s sticky, and does pick up particles and although it does smell of bananas I wouldn’t buy it just because of that.

Price is £9.99 for 500Ml Aerosol can, but can also be bought with cleaning brushes and other cleaning product bundles on the Tru-Tension website

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